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Grass (part one)

Dec. 7th, 2005 | 09:55 pm
posted by: aniika in shortstorysluts

The heat automatically switched on at 5:45 to warm up the echoey house. It was set to 70. The humidity under the blankets slowly rose along with the heat, but it wasn't until she was fully drenched in sweat that Chica woke up, uncomfortable and grumpy. She flipped off the bottom part of the blanket, exposing her fuzzy legs to the mild air. Her eyes felt stiff where the crust had formed at the edges making it difficult to blink. Grudgingly she rolled over and opened her eyes. But something was wrong; she shouldn't be able to see anything. It should be dark, black, inky. She should be staring into the void wondering what was all around her. She shouldn't see, she should only feel her weight on the bed beneath her and the pillows around her head. But it wasn't black. It was definitely gray and she could clearly discern the limits of the smooth four walls and the door that interrupted them for access to the hallway. She vaguely recognized the clump of clothes right by her bed and the shoes kicked off to the side, one of them upside down under the desk. She followed the edge of the rag rug with her eyes to the black lump slumped against the comfy chair. She thought the lump winked at her, but then she remembered that she had tossed her pack down quite close to that spot, and recognized the bag's shiny zipper glinting in the dull light.

As the light creeped into her eyes, a growing anxiety seized her until she jumped up out of bed and landed on dirty underwear and a pile of scrap paper. She was frozen for a moment. With and increasing sense of doom, her eyes reluctantly wandered over to the travel alarm she'd been making do with for the past year and a half. The hands clearly showed the time: 7:15am.

"Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap..." was all she thought as she zipped out her bedroom door, down the short hallway and veered to the left into the bathroom. All the while she was mentally trying to bargain out what part of her routine she could forgoe and still be on time for work. She had exactly 15 minutes to get out the door. And then she'd only be 10 minutes late. By the time she got to the bathroom, she'd worked out the plan and automatically switched on the shower. She hopped in while it was still cold, an involuntary squeak escaping as she jumped back a little, but she forced her self under, and washed her hair with one hand--only shampoo--and brushed her teeth with the other. Then she toweled off, and threw on some hopefully clean panties.

She planned to just grab the first outfit that she got her hands on, but who was she kidding. She tried on 3 pairs of pants and five different shirts and sweaters before making her final decision: The green khakis and the low-cut, super soft, gray sweater. She slipped on her favorite blue sneakers and into her orange puffy down coat, grabbed her bag, and was out the door. Big drops of water fell from her sopping hair into her purse as she shuffled through odd bits of paper with reminder notes scribbled across them, receipts, candy wrappers, a nail file, a bottle of polish, a coupon to her favorite clothing store, her paycheck, a roll dental floss and an old box of raisins. She finally found the keys hiding under a small orange which was getting dangerously soft, but she'd deal with that later. She sped off in her car with little more effort.

She sped down the windy road away from her home, on track to be a mere 5 minutes late to work. She hugged the familiar turns in the road, slowing down just enough at the really twisty parts. It had snowed a few days ago, but the roads were dry enough for her to risk a little speed. She liked to go fast. She calmly flew past snow covered fields and twisted her way through snowy forests, admiring the snow on the ground and on the branches as she went. She rounded a corner, and came up over a hill that spit her out of the forest onto another straight road that went through a field. She was looking forward to seeing the expansive white blanket of snow. The snow wasn't very deep, but it was still very fluffy, and it made the whole landscape look like it was covered with marshmallows. This was her favorite view on her drive.

She was a little surprised as her eyes were drawn off to the right to a little splash of red. She focused her attention and she saw that the little splash of red was at the edge of a large patch of green. In fact the little splash of red was a few feet above the patch of green, perched on top of a mans head. She couldn't figure out what he was doing at first, and she slowed way down. She couldn't take her eyes off him. He was crouched down and had something in his hands that he was holding just inches above the ground. She came to pulled off the road, right into the snow and came to a stop. She watched him for several minutes. She recognized the long orange extension chord that trailed from him to the small house at the edge of the field.

Ah ha! She put it all together. He was melting the snow with a hair dryer. Though she now knew what he was doing, she was even more perplexed as she contemplated the why of it. He had made almost a perfect green square on the vast snowy expanse.

The man stopped every few minutes, stood up, turned around and examined his work. After Chica had been watching for about 15 minutes (screw work, this is fucking nuts!), the man stood and walked the perimeter, taking in the view of the grassy patch at each corner. He seemed satisfied. He tucked the hair dryer under his arm, and rolled up the extension chord as he trekked back to the little house at the edge of the forest.

He disappeared into the house with his load, and shut the door.

This can't be it. demanded Chica of no on in particular.

And it wasn't...

(NOTES: I'd wanted to finish tonight. I think I got a little wrapped up in the first part--describing Chica waking up, which really is a separate story in my head, or maybe the start to a different story. I don't know if these two stories really fit together, but we'll see when it's done. So, is it awful and boring, or what? Too much description? I can't take it, but give it to me anyway)

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